Various creatures

  1. Chinese girl
  2. Russian girl
  3. Mother India
  4. Uyghur girl
  5. Mulan the elf
  6. Punk
  7. Elf fairy in a Chinese dress
  8. Chinese girl in a garden
  9. Elf with whip
  10. Worker
  11. Shaman
  12. Cat, bird, snail
  13. Dancer
  14. Another dancer
  15. Third dancer
  16. Girl in armchair
  17. Nine-Coloured Deer
  18. Gulbita
  19. Horse
  20. May Day
  21. Climbing mountains
  22. Rabbit
  23. Woman

Digital paintings

When I started drawing, perhaps as a three year old, I filled the pages of my sketchbook with elephants.  There were other animals too.  Ten years later, I started studying skeletons and muscles of animals and humans, by myself.  I followed a Western classical tradition, influenced by socialist realism that was much of my childhood exposure to art, to those countless posters of Communist propaganda.  

Now, I quite like a bit of fun, going back to the teenage years, with the drawing of comical cartoons and not so innocent fairies.

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