The Black collection

  1. Moon over high peaks
  2. Waterfall
  3. Sun over mountains
  4. Phoenix rising
  5. Trees and birds
  6. Flemingo
  7. Dance
  8. Sharing the planet
  9. Flowers and dragonfly
  10. Despair
  11. Flowers a chick
  12. Flowers and butterly
  13. Stormy mountains

Digital paintings

Black is often thought of as a colour of stress and sadness.  Perhaps this is to do with us humans fearing darkness as we cannot see at night.  In the woods, where we evolved out of Africa, the world at night must have been a frightful place for our ancestors, living among predators who came out searching for food at night.  So, our ancesters learnt to light fire to drive away the beasts, to drive away darkness.  

While some of the paintings here explore the typical emptions that the colour black conjures, others show that black can be a comforting colour, challenging the traditional connotations.  Black can be fun too.

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