Nine-Coloured Deer

  1. Dedication to your child
  2. Page 1 - child and adult walking in the wood
  3. Page 2 - introducing the Nine-Coloured Deer
  4. Back cover - blurb for the book

Paint-on-order, including your child's name in the book

Nine-Coloured Deer is based on an ancient Buddhist tale, about a magical deer who saves a man, yet the man betrays the deer by leading the king's soldiers to the woods, as the queen wants the deer skin for clothes...  In the end, the deer teaches everyone a lesson on how to be good...

This book starts with an adult and a child walking in the woods.  Upon seeing deer, the adult tells the child this anciet tale.
The book is printed when you place an order.  Based on what you provide me, I will

 - include your child's name and photo

 - paint your child's hair colour, skin-tone, colour of hat, clothes and wellies

 - write in the book that your child is with mummy, daddy, or any relative / friend

 - paint the colours of the adult's hat, clothes and wellies.

Each book is uniquely hand-painted, hand-bound using the traditional Chinese hole-and-thread method.
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£20 per book excluding post and packaging.
Fill in the "contact me" form with details of your child's name and colours of hats, clothes and wellies.  I will get back to you to clarify any details of the book and payment.